I Am Taking a Working Vacation

In fact I have a lot of time that I have to use or I will lose it. I know this one guy who retired, but the last three months he was still using his vacation and sick days that he had been piling up for years. They do not let you get that many any longer and I have as many as they allow, so I am going to start working around the house. The first thing is going to be pretty simple. A storm knocked loose one of my orange county shutters about two weeks ago. I thought at first that I could fix it myself, and if I had the right tools I could have done it. In fact I was thinking about taking this one around to a part of the house where almost no one is ever going to be looking closely. There is a corner of the house which simply is not close to any sort of traffic and the only person who would see it is me and Emma. So I traded the one back there and replaced it with the broken one.

That only lasted until Emma figured out what I had done. She was back there pruning the hedges and looking after her brown turkey figs. At first she was not sure there was anything wrong, but she kept looking at it until she figured out that I had glued it back together with some other pieces of wood. She thought that I was a bit too clever, and although she realized no one else would see it and that did not matter. She could see it and that was enough. The landscaping of the back yard is going to be the big project. We want to put in a lot of garden beds.