I Found a Small House to Buy

Of course I am not ever going to get much of a house for the money that I have available, but this is a really good deal under the circumstances. If not for the fact that my older brother is a plumber and my Dad is a good enough handyman, then this place would be too much work for me on my own. The little stuff I can do, for example the place needs some new window shutters and I can knock that out easy. It would not cost a lot of money, but that is really not a high priority. It is just cosmetic really and stuff like that can wait. In the meanwhile I am going to save a fortune compared to what I would have had to pay for an apartment in this area. In fact for the past four months I have been sleeping on a couch in my Mom’s basement so that I could save up enough for the down payment. After that the house payments are really tiny in comparison to rent on any place that does not come without bullet holes.

There is hardly any land, probably about two tenths of an acre and the house is smaller than most one bedroom apartments. However it is fine so long as it is only me and it would be fine if it were me and Sharon. A baby would not be a problem until it got big enough to read and write probably. There is a second story, but a grown person can only stand in the middle because the roof’s slant. At any rate it would suffice for a child’s room so long as it was not ever tall enough to bang their head on the eaves. It needs a lot of work, but there is nothing except time and money holding me back.